Who am I?

That's me to the left.  I'm the slightly taller, slightly balder one.  Also paler.  The lovely lady beside me is my wife, who runs Bonne Idée!

I will be at times serious, at times silly.  Maybe I'll discuss news and current events, or offer advice on writing techniques and thoughts on tools designed to help with the process.  My hope is you find the posts here informative and helpful, if somewhat eclectic.  

In other words, this here be my soapbox.

Short Biography

I was born and raised in Prince Edward Island, Canada.   I've been lucky enough to travel most of the eastern seaboard, from Cape Breton down to North Carolina, the Mediterranean and the Rockies.  I currently call Ontario home, where I work a fairly normal 9-5 job.

I've been writing since I was ten and made my first sale in October 2017.  That story, A Traded Secret, is going to appear in the wonderful Julie Czerneda's Tales From Plexis which is coming out in December, 2018.  All it took was twenty seven years of practice...

I went to school for Classics and Ancient History, know more about Roman bribery than most people (would ever want to know), work in the legal/social justice field as a cog in the grand machine, and try not to make too much of a nuisance of myself.

Mostly I write science fiction and fantasy.  The rest of my free time tends to be divided between the woman I love (I know, sappy), my love of video games and a likely internet addiction (Reddit is the bane of my existence).  Sometimes I take pictures.

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